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Máy chiếu Epson EB-431i

Mã hàng: 18
Giá: 44.900.000 VND [Giá đã bao gồm VAT]
Bảo hành: 24Tháng icon Bao Hanh
Kho hàng: Còn hàng
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Dat mua hang
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Superb Short-Throw Performance

    With the Epson short-throw interactive projectors, you don’t need a big room to project a large screen for maximum impact. The short focus lens also allows you to place the projector closer to the screen, thereby greatly reducing glare and shadows cast from the presenter. The result is a more conducive and comfortable experience for everyone in the room.


Powerful Interactive Functions

    Easy Set-Up

    Projector set-up is simply plug and play, with a one-time Auto Calibration and Auto resolution adjustment. No other drivers are required except for Mac OS.

    PC-free Interactivity

    A true Epson Original – the short throw interactive projectors can be annotated without a PC connection, enabling maximum interactivity with minimal requirements. Users can quickly and easily switch between PC-connected and PC-free modes by either using an interactive pen to activate a hot spot on screen, or by activating a dedicated button on the remote control.

    Dual On-screen Pen

    Two persons may write on-screen at the same time by just writing over the projections with Epson’s interactive pens. They work like a computer mouse and are easily gripped by children and adults, allowing natural, on-screen annotation with a variety of input sources.


Flexible Positioning

    The short throw interactive projectors give you greater possibilities for all kinds of creative applications. The projectors can be mounted on a wall or set on a desktop and is effective on any surface, be it a flat wall, a whiteboard or even a chalkboard. This means you can easily take advantage of underutilised classroom space by turning any existing board into an interactive projection surface.

    Desktop projection

    Wall mount projection


Epson Easy Interactive Tools

    The bundled Easy Interactive Tool software allows you to electronically annotate documents using the pen to highlight, draw and edit contents for more compelling presentations.

    Integration with MS PowerPoint

    When linked to a PC, you can write annotations and diagrams directly onto projected Microsoft® PowerPoint documents and save them in their original format for future editing.

    Multitask in White Board Mode

    Users are fully able to use familiar PC functions such as Select, Copy, Paste, Move, Resize and other drawing tools to create and edit content on-screen. Increase productivity as the White Board mode can be minimised for users to annotate and reference to other files on their PC or laptop. Dual pen function is temporarily disabled when White Board mode is minimised.


Enhance Discussions with Powerful Audio

    Impressive Built-in 16W Speaker

    The integrated 16W speaker provides great audio quality for enhanced presenations. Voices are clearly audible even in large venues, which is ideally suited when teaching materials need to be recorded.

    Wireless Audio Transmission

    Besides direct PC connections, you can also connect the short throw interactive projectors wirelessly* to your LAN. The audio feed from a networked PC can then be transmitted wirelessly to the projectors.

    *Requires wireless network


Superb Built-in Connectivity

    The short throw interactive projectors come with many networking features for seamless and engaging presentations.

    EasyMP Network Projection

    The EasyMP Network Projection enables users to configure both wired and wireless connections with high quality audio output and conduct meetings simultaneously in up to four different locations.

    EasyMP Monitor

    The EasyMP Monitor lets you efficiently monitor and configure multiple networked projectors from a single PC. You also have the ability to broadcast messages to all projectors for announcements or emergencies.

    USB 3 in 1 Display

    Image projection, sound transmission and mouse operation can all be conveniently carried out with a single USB connection, eliminating the hassle of separate and messy cabling.


Smarter Presentations from Mobile Devices

    The iProjection application makes it possible for wireless projection from iOS and Android smart devices.* This feature supports various files and allows you to present your smartphone contents with ease. It also lets you use other touch-screen operations, such as flicking to turn pages and pinching to zoom in or out.

    *In iProjection, projector profile search, multi-screen display, distribution function, audio transfer, movie file transfer, interrupt connection disabling and encryption data transfer capabilities are not supported.


Extend Your Interactive Reach

    Users have the option of using the Interactive Pen Extension* which effectively reduces shadow interference by allowing the presenter to interact with projected elements from a greater distance.

    *Sold separately

Máy chiếu Epson EB-431i Business projector
* Cường độ sáng trắng: 3,000 Ansi Lumens
* Cường độ sáng màu : 3,000 Ansi Lumens
* Độ phân giải thực: XGA (1,024 x 768)
* Độ tương phản: 3000:1
* Bóng đèn: 230W UHE , tuổi thọ 5000 giờ
* Loa âm thanh: 16W
* Cổng HDMI
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